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Serie: Die Gäste und ihre Bücher

Pankaj Mishra is visiting as a guest of the „Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin. He will give the opening speech on 10 September, introduce his new book and will participate in other events throughout the days of the festival. See also: From the Ruins of Empire

Mishra covers issues of all things India, and East -Western affairs in a broader context; he is a most prolific writer. You may convince yourself by leafing through some of his NYRB contributions, spanning 1998 to 2013, on site in the book shop:

50 Years New York Review Of Books 50 Years

Available articles in the New York Review Of Books by the author (for reading in-house):


  • Afghanistan: The India & Kashmir Connection (Essay; 14 January 2010)
  • The Real Afghanistan (Essay; 10 March 2005)
  • From A Mansion Near Tora Bora (about a book by Aslam; 23 October 2008)
  • The Afghan Tragedy (Essay; 17 January 2002)
  • The Making of Afghanistan (Essay; 15 November 2001)

Asia / Maghreb / Near East

  • Asia: “The Explosive Transformation” (about books by Hamid, Aw, Boyagoda; 25 April 2013)
  • Muslims in the Dark (about books by Matar, Lalami; 12 April 2007)
  • The Misunderstood Muslims (about books by Aslan, Afary, Anderson; 17 November 2005)


  • The Revolt of the Monks (about a Human Rights Watch report; 14 February 2008)

China / Shanghai / Tibet

  • The Quiet Heroes of Tibet (Essay; 17 January 2008)
  • Sentimental Education in Shanghai (about a book by Quian Zhongshu; 12 June 2008)

India / Kashmir / Pakistan

  • Which India Matters? (about books by Drèze, Sen, Bhagwati, Panagariya; 21 November 2013)
  • Impasse in India (about a book by Nussbaum; 28 June 2007)
  • Massacre in Arcadia (about a book by Rushdie; 6 October 2005)
  • The Wilderness of Solitude (about a book by Aslan; 23 June 2005)
  • Bombay: The Lower Depths (about a book by Mehta; 18 November 2004)
  • The Empire Under Siege (Essay; 15 July 2004)
  • ‘The First Citizen of India’ (Essay; 25 March 2004)
  • Enigmas of Arrival (about books by Lahiri and Ali; 18 December 2003)
  • The Way to the Middle Way (about a book by Allen; 12 June 2003)
  • The Man, or the Tiger (about a book by Martel; 27 March 2003)
  • Kashmir: One Cheer for Democracy (Essay; 27 February 2003)
  • Murder in India (about a Human Rights Watch report; 15 August 2002)
  • Mrs. India (about a book by Frank; 18 October 2001)
  • Dreaming of Mangoes (about a book by Suri; 31 May 2001)
  • The Great Narayan (Essay; 22 February 2001)
  • Kashmir: The Unending War (Essay; 19 October 2000)
  • Death in Kashmir (Essay; 21 September 2000)
  • The Other India (Essay; 16 December 1999)
  • A Spirit of Their Own (about books by Chaudhuri and others; 20 May 1999)
  • A New, Nuclear, India? (Essay; 25 June 1998)
  • Edmund Wilson in Benares (Essay; 9 April 1998)

North America

  • The Unquiet American (about an Edmund Wilson biography by Dabney; 12 January 2006)
  • A Cautionary Tale of Americans (about a book by Pfaff; 26 May 2005)



  • The House of Mr. Naipaul (about a book by Naipaul; 20 January 2000)

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