Book Launch In The Neighbourhood

Bücher von Margo Gorman und Diarmuid Johnson
im Schaufenster, Oktober 2014

On 25 October Margo Gorman will launch her novel „Bone And Blood“, at the Old St. Matthias cemetery, just around the corner of the bookshop. On her blog the author announces: „There will be a guided tour of the cemetery which features in Bone and Blood.

The book is to be published on November 28th with Troubador Publ., Leicester, but for the occasion of its launch it available in this book shop.

Further information about the novel and about author Margo Gorman you may find at the Publisher’s web site (Advance Information) and on the author’s blog.

I was glad to feature this title since it meets my attraction to themes reagarding Ireland, to historical novels in general and to books that touch on the local. The novel’s title comes from the Medieval English lyrics, Margo Gorman chose for a motto:


Fowles in the Frith,
The fisshes in the flood,
And I mon waxe wood
Much Sorwe I walke with
For best of boon and blood.
Birds in the forest
Fish in the river
And I must go mad
Much sorrow I walk with
For best of boon and blood.

 Also featured:

An tÉan agus Dánta Eile / Der Vogel und andere Gedichte
Curach Bhán Verlag, Berlin 2013, 80 pp

The selected poems in this volume are drawn from a body of work written in Irish over the last twenty five years. The journey begins in the west of Ireland in the late eighties, continues through the contintent – France, Germany and Poland – and returns to the insular world in Wales shortly after the beginning of the new Milennium. Much of the work is an exploration of man’s relationship with his wider universal environment than commentary on or reaction to events or trends in a given location, whether the Gaeltacht, Ireland in general, or elsewhere. Certain other ideas in the volume are poetic in essence rather than being a matter of aesthetics or persuasion. These are an interpretation of the way two phenomena complement one another and combine to reveal the interdependent character of their nature. This view of the world is elaborated in the poem Fear Siúil :

San áit ar chuir an tonn aithne ar an talamh
San áit ar chuir an t-éan aithne ar an réalt
San áit ar chuir an abhainn aithne ar an ualach
Sin é an áit ar chuir an fear siúil aithne ar chroí agus ar a chuimhne féin.


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