Phyllis Rose’s Idea

St – Sz


Today, looking up the NYRB Classics site A Different Stripe I stumbled upon its authors whose names are listed from ST to SZ. The entry is tagged under „bragging“, and that’s what I shall do here, too.

It all started with Phyllis Rose and her book The Shelf. She read through LEQ to LES and you can learn about the whole story by visiting The Guardian and reading the article by Rachel Cooke „The woman who went to the library and read every book on the shelf„.  Frankly, this bookshop has absolutely nothing to brag about in that selection, although I’d be happy to order, especially Lermontov or Leskov or Lessing. be it Gotthold Ephraim or Doris.

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As you can see above there are a couple of favourites among ST – SZ: Stevenson and Sterne, Storm and Swift. I did like Stefánsson’s tale a lot. I prefer Alain Corbain rather then liking Süskind – that book just got stuck there, not on my orders. Peter Stamm convinced me and I yet have to finish reading Stendhal, not, because I don’t think it a good read. I got stuck in the Eighties and since then all kind of other books came in between. But some day … Wisława Szymborska closes this selection. Here it is the German translation by the great Karl Dedecius who does so much to bring us Germans and the Polish closer together after the crimes we had unleashed onto them.

From the NYRB list I would include Stifter, Svevo and Szabó, although I have to confess that I postponed my further reading of „Nachsommer“ to the years when I am bound to pass my days huddled behind the stove. Maybe around Christmas, however, I could reread „Bergkristall“.

Anyway – I would love to hear from other „Shelfs“ and see other readers brag here.


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