Archiv: Soccer, heat and thunder

[Summer of 2006]

Here we are, finally in our new dwelling in the middle of Berlin.

My Horn warmed up nicely to 180 square m of empty room, and luckily the people above don’t mind music at all – which, when adding the violin, flute and recorder in the family, is indeed something to be thankful for. We keep the time limited though to from 9 – 12 am and again from 3 – 6 pm to show some consideration.

The Germany-Italy soccer match had Music on its own: all over Berlin there were open air parties following the match on outside screens. We got the highlights carried acoustically over from some lively corner-assembly: mighty ahhhs or awwwws, depending on the situation. I waited for a final great sound once the game was over, but it didn’t come („we“ lost… it seems, the disappointment hit so hard that there wasn’t even a groan).

All this – our arrival in Berlin and the game – went on in sweltering heat, the unmentionable bland France – Portugal match, too. The following day came the mighty roar of a thunderstorm and rain yesterday that flooded parts of the city and sent water cascades down subway-stairs while we listened to Dvorak’s Cello concerto on the travel radio – it has some lovely Horn solos indeed!

Written today in the internet café …


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