Shakespeare Monday – one last time in the bookshop

On Monday, 7 August, at 6 p. m., there will be a last dramatic reading of Shakespeare in the bookshop at Langenscheidtstraße 7. Since this bookshop opened, the first Monday each month, for one reading hour, had been dedicated to the great bard, and who-ever showed up, took one or several roles in reading aloud.… Weiterlesen Shakespeare Monday – one last time in the bookshop


Twelfth Night in April

Shakespeare Monday Each Month's first Monday at Schröersche is dedicated to Shakespeare. That is an hour of reading in allotted characters with whoever shows up at the shop. Sometimes there are three, sometimes six - the more the merrier. In that manner we've read through eleven plays so far and are just to embark upon… Weiterlesen Twelfth Night in April

Shakespeare im Juli

Sly. For God's sake! a pot of small ale. 1.Servingman. Will't please your lordship drink a cup of sack? 2.Servingman. Will't please your honour taste of these conserves? 3.Servingman. What raiment will your honour wear today? 4 Sly. I am Christophero Sly; call not me honor nor lordship. I ne'er drank sack in my life;… Weiterlesen Shakespeare im Juli

Mark Twain; Die Arglosen im Ausland

Am heutigen Tag, im Jahr 1867, brach Mark Twain auf zu einer berühmten Reise. Er ging an Bord des Raddampfers "Die Stadt der Quäker" auf eine Fünf-Monats-Tour durch Europa und die Mittelmeerländer. Dies war zuvor niemals unternommen worden - eine Transatlantik-Vergnügungsreise auf einem Dampfer - und als Twain von der Idee hörte, fragte er die… Weiterlesen Mark Twain; Die Arglosen im Ausland